Seafood Products

Located in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Salish Sea Foods serves up the best the West Coast has to offer. Our seafood retail store located in Comox features a great selection of both fresh seafood and shellfish, BBQ ready recipes, and frozen fish and prepared meals.

Famous for our Salmon!

Salmon skewers for BBQFresh Salmon portions and filets
Smoked Salmon Nuggets in 8 flavours
Salmon Skewers in 5 flavours
Salmon Pepperoni
Smoked Salmon Paté
Chinook Salmon

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fresh west coast clamsFresh Fish

We feature an ever changing selection of fresh fish. Stop by the store for what is fresh today. Some regular examples include:

Fresh Salmon
Fresh Rock Fish
Fresh Hand-peeled Shrimp

marinated salmon filetsLive Tank


Frozen Seafood

salmoroni salmon specialty productsSmoked Nuggets in 8 flavours
Salmon Skewers in 5 flavours
Salmon Pepperoni
Oysters Rockefeller
Chinook Portions and Fillets
Albacore tuna loins
Gold Phoenix Asian Food Products
Bacon wrapped prawn and scallop skewers
Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Pecan Crusted Smoked Salmon Roll
Sockeye Fillets
Coho Fillets
Red Snapper
Jumbo Prawns
Salmon Burgers
Crab Cakes
Seafood Stuffing
Salmon Medallions
Traditional Smoked Coho
Traditional Smoked Peppered Coho

and more!!